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100%安い Rear ホイール本体 エヌシーワイ NCY Disc 125 VJR 125 MANY 2.5) Value (J Wheel Forged Brake-ホイール


Material:Forged aluminum alloy
・10 inches
Quantity:1(rear wheel frame)





MANY 125
VJR 125

Exclusive racing style,three-spoke design shows extreme lightweight,reducing the weight of the unsprung is to enhance the control experience!
Made using forging method,the density,hardness,strength and evenness are all better than casting wheel.
The brake rotor adaptor adopts the industry’s first integrated molding method to increase the accuracy and strength.

高梨産業 ROBIN(ロビン) ダイニングテーブル RD-T9205
萩原 ( HAGIHARA ) デュエット コンソール(ホワイト) BCC-7572